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The Secret Formula To A Successful Coaching Business

In starting your coaching business, there are multiple challenges we may face along the way. Frustration and distraction are part of the process. However, the real question here is how to make a successful one?

So, you can be 100% authentic to who you are, align with your value and beliefs. Now, I will share the hard truth behind a successful coaching business. Where in the other gurus may not have told you.

My name is Ed JC Smith. I got a second chance in life, and I am here to guide you to live life on your terms. I have been through difficulties in life, an enormous setback for a major comeback, I may say.

Fortunately, I fulfill the life I once dreamed of and became the best version of myself. And I am now on a mission to share this great information, leading you to achieve anything exemplary in life.

Stop the procrastination and limits you had set a long time ago. Let me guide you to unleash your full potential. 

Maybe you want to achieve a successful coaching business without the BS or anything in between.

Here is what you need to do if you are starting your coaching business.

  • Find and get your first three clients.

If you have not been in any coaching consultancy before, do it for FREE! Why? Because you need it if you want to build valuable and authentic service.

Doing extra miles and designing with your clients is a core component to it. Most of the entrepreneurs who are in the coaching business fail because they want to fast-track the process.

They do not want to go on with the tedious work and design their system thoroughly. Better change your strategy because it is not a viable idea for your coaching business.

  • Drop everything you know and learn the process.

It is a distinguished distinction for you to pay attention carefully. The secret to creating a successful coaching business without a BS is to drop everything you know.

Try to open your mind to new possibilities and stop being like you know all the things in this world.

You can only design a highly profitable and world-class service if you are open to new possibilities and ideas.

In my case, I have to refine my signature coaching program for over ten years. Tries so hard to be patient enough to work earnestly on my system.

So I could give more value to my clients, and it is indeed worth the effort and perseverance.

  • Stop NOT until you get the result you want.

When you build your empire, countless rejections, and trials you will face along the way. But take it easy. It is all part of the process.

Just do the work. Focus on what you do that will help you reach your goals. Never stop until you get the result you want.

How you avoid the BS in your coaching business means to track everythingAnd use them as a future reference.
Most people think that this industry needs you to be multi-talented. It is true, but you only need direct and factual testimonials from your previous client to close a deal.

Plan and write it that matches your ideal client. Once you have the idea of who is your client should be, take time to know more about them. Where they are, what they do, and find out how you can give value to them.

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For more updates watch Ed JC Smith vlog, as he shares tips to run your business smoothly.

How To Generate Successful Results With Your Clients In Your Coaching Business?

There are a couple of components here that I am going to nail down for you. But a successful coaching business is about a couple of things.

To start with is the ability to generate excellent results for your clients. Along with being to working with the people, you share the same goals. I know this may sound like a piece of basic information.

But this is so timely and crucial foundation you must know, no matter how much you think you already know everything. You will always go back to basics.

Also, it is necessary to qualify your target client, which is the most vital decision you need to make.

So how can you get an excellent client result? There are multiple aspects we need to consider. One thing is to create an online program. That will guide your client on the things they need to know and do.

My Client on Automation, for example, is a signature program, solidified and refined thoroughly for my clients. They can access the system efficiently for about six months to a year. So, I split it into seven weeks and have 12 modules per week.

In addition, they need to complete a weekly task with a point scorecard. I examine it cautiously so I can look into each of their completed assignment. I give feedback and monitor their progress for the time being.

If you have seen some of my other videos before, it is always about the results. Start with a small case study group so you can get the best results.

Refine the process. Be good at coaching someone that they can understand everything you share. You should be crystal clear in providing information about the problem that you are trying to solve.

I have refined my clients on the Automation program over the last six years. We have done some huge updates, and now we are using a mini chat system for the front end to capture the lead. We restrict to use of EU policy because of the modification, and it is not practical.
Instead, we opt to clickfunnels process a landing page, downloadable. It is a simple PDF file, a High-Value gift we offer to our target clients to give more value.

Then you can scale it with an automated webinar. So, the goal is to make sure you get the ideal result for your clients. It may take a long time, but it is more rewarding at any moment you reach the goal, double as its actual value.

In addition, you can perform live coaching in your Facebook private group. Engage with your community, and they can also get help from each other by posting their questions and opinions.

Like in our private Facebook group, you can post your questions, share your thoughts, or anything in between. You can fully interact with one another. Our support group is available 24/7 that will answer any question you may have.

You can build a system and a structure like that. And once your online program is there, no need to repeat the process. I started this business in 1996, so I am well versed in the subject. Answer those questions, put them in an online course, and make sure you do precisely according to the need.

Also, you can perform live support twice a week, supporting them through what they’re stuck at the moment. Check every single detail on each task and miss nothing.

I’m here to tell you, it is doable to have a fully automated coaching consultancy business that can only take two hours a week.

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Are you still hesitant, confused, and want a concrete plan of exactly how to grow your coaching consultancy business without the hassle? So you can get paid clients in the quickest way possible, and earn $10,000 in your first month?

I have an exact method of how to do that using only a three-step process. It’s called the Clients on automation method. I will teach how you can duplicate it from the 10k a month to the 100k year. It may sound too absurd now, but trust me, it is, in fact, doable.

Let me guide you to the exact strategy to earn your 10k in the first month, even 100k in the first year. We have got the same process that we duplicate for 100k per month.

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Our representative will help you with how to do it in your business. It’s a straight-up consultation session. The value you get from this is worth its weight in gold.

We have had excellent feedback from our previous client, who had an exceptional experience. We got emailed a couple of weeks ago by someone that booked a consultation session with another provider. You probably know the name, and they spent $800 for a consultation session.

Unfortunately, they did not expect the value they get from that provider. One time, they jumped on one of our calls with our team. And without a doubt, they feel right this time.

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Make a wise decision now and earn your first $10,000. We have thousands of clients who have done and got tremendous results, and so why can't you?

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Make a wise decision now and earn your first $10,000. We have thousand of clients who have done and got tremendous results, and so why can't you?


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