November 27


The Four Stages Of Learning Skills | How To Learn Quickly

The four stages of learning skills, the key tips for how to learn quickly. It will help you understand that is more important than everyone goes through. By familiarizing yourself with this process, how to learn quickly and efficiently.

In today’s session, I am going to share with you and I want you all to read chapter 4. Where people come to this as called effective as software. If you don’t have a book already just click this link ‘free book’. This all about how to learn new skills quickly and develop new skills online for free. 

Many people gave up easily and early in the learning process. When you’re doing something new, it can feel overwhelming. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re on a journey and that each step will bring you closer to the next. The more you strive hard, the more you can gain on a process. 

That’s why this four-step behavior develops to share with you. Because I think many people easily give up as a learner. 

Take learning to drive, for example:

When you first get into a car, you’re no good at driving because you’re unaware of how the car operates. You don’t even know what the different parts do. So you need to study all over to understand the entire sequence of particularly driving the car to rules in driving. 

This is the first stage of learning when you’re still unaware of the thing you’re going to learn. This is where many people give up. If you want to learn how to learn quickly, you’re going to have to move past this first stage. Remember, people mostly say ‘the hardest part is just a fresh start’. How you may learn if in the first step you give up already.

The second part of learning skills is the stage in which you realize what it is you don’t know. In the car’s example, this could mean that you realize you need to know how to shift gears but you don’t yet know-how. There are things you may know but know how to do it. As I’ve said, just understand the part to a whole for being able for you to gain what you need to learn. 

The third stage, known as conscious competence, is when you can then deliberately perform the skill you’re learning. You can now prove that all of your experience worth it as you achieved what you want to learn as a whole.

Just watch this video till the end and repeat the process for more ability to learn new skills every day. 

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