April 8


Still Doing How To Content? DO This To Win Clients!

Still, Doing How To Content? DO This To Win Clients! In this video, I want to show you how to attract more clients to your coaching and consulting business.

If you’re a coach, content creator, consultant, or author, you might give away too much of your “how-to” material too soon. You may actually reveal so much information that, at the end of your coaching session, there’s not much left to buy from you.

In today’s world, it exposed people to many sources of overwhelming. They need help to cope with those pain points. As consultants and content creators, we respond to that by wanting to show the clients how to overcome the pain points without delving deeper into the causes.

When dealing with a client, ask yourself:

What is the client’s pain? What path did they follow to get there?

Once you’ve established this, you can offer them solutions. This will help you attract more clients.

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