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Here are some of the most honest client reviews 9 from their personal experiences with the program. It's not a doubt that the Clients on Automation program have a massive impact on those who choose to succeed. You can never be wrong with Ed J C Smith leading you the right way to win your goals.

"Edward J C Smith and Dave Mutter transformed my life in so many ways. I have so much love for them. Every year I grow stronger doing new things I never thought possible before. From overcoming the fear of public speaking to allowing me to speak on stage in front of 400 people to start my coaching business to doing life webinars. All that in 1 year. I never saw that one coming.
The COA is the absolute killer programmer and does exactly what it says. It gives you clients on automation the fast way if you do exactly what Ed teaches in his method.
One of my biggest breakthroughs was selling something before they created it. And just sticking to his scripts and structure. They are Gold!
I just followed what Ed tells us at COA step by step and it works. I am creating my program whilst I am working with my clients. They tell me what they need and like that my program gets written. Honestly, if you simply stick to his powerful scripts like how to write killer Facebook Ads scripts. A webinar script, a sales script, and much more YOUR success is guaranteed. I had no idea how to write any content which was my block and now I just love it. So easy once you know-how. And when you get stuck or are lost for words, Ed is always there to help you.

Thank you so much Ed is forever grateful."    -Angie

We will be pleased if you continue to read other stories of our dear students. These are the most honest reviews (9) we took the time to compile for your reference.
"I have started my journey with Ed and Dave in October 2019. And their program is my lifetime revelation. From straightening and shaping my personality, my relationships, my finances. My nutrition, my confidence, my mindset to what I'm capable of creating with my skills and knowledge. 
They were the inspiration, innovation, the tangible support I was looking for the last 2 years. I knew I want to build an online program, but I had no clue where should I begin. Their work and the way they deliver are beyond whatever I have seen and heard.
Mind-blowing how I can create a business with so little financial investment and having no one apart from believing in me and supporting me. Their help is on my gratitude list every day! Forever thankful for you in my life. Edward J C Smith Dave Mutter!!!."    -Alina
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reviews 9
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