Hundreds Of Client Reviews (6)…

You are now in the reviews 6 pages of these testimonials. I hope you have a great time reading how the program changes their lives.

If you want to change your life path. Maybe you are on to something big. But, don't know how to start. I hear from you. I can guide you to the right path you've wanted to come. Let me lead you the way!

Our benchmark for success is the 100K Club. This means you are making an extra 100K because of Ed J C Smith's coaching programs. (Review 6.)

We have hundreds of success stories, from those that have quit their day jobs, hit 10K, 20K, and even the 100K mark.

Hence, do you want to know more results and read their life story? We'll let the reviews 6 from our students answer that question below…

reviews 6
"I joined the Family Forever membership because I was looking for a more effective and faster way to grow. My startup life coaching business and new method Academy teach. And provide immense guidance and support is far more advanced and effective than the old conversational one. Also, Ed and Champion Academy Team are skilled experts in an online automation business. And more importantly, genuine people are truly passionate to help people. To get to the next level in both business and personal development.

The best result I got so far is gained clarity on my business development strategy. And most effective tactics for its implementation, invaluable training on important business skills- public speaking and sales.

I love being part of Champion Academy because of its great human beings. Genuine, kind, supportive, always there for each other. The team is inspirational leading by the example of their own achieved success. Highly knowledgeable, true experts in the business development field applying the most effective current methods. They got your back." -
reviews 6
reviews 6
"I joined the Family Forever membership because I want to improve my business skills. After being treated badly by my employers to a point it left me feeling suicidal and having a mental breakdown. The best result I got, especially when I needed it, was self-belief. Ed, you have taught me to believe in myself, increased my confidence immensely, belief in myself and my work. 
That is the best gift you have given me as it has helped me to grow as a person, helping me to develop my business. I love being part of the Champion Academy because everyone is so supportive and positive. It has been great for networking and meeting some amazing like-minded people. I have made some lifelong friends.

I actually can't thank you enough
Ed As you came into my life just as I needed you. And my life is going from strength to strength. (part of my mantra taken from your book)
I am full of gratitude for the love and your caring nature which exudes in all your hub. A special thank you to my mentor, Tina Hughes, who is amazing at keeping me in check. I actually cannot thank you enough and wish you an amazing birthday. You truly deserve it for what you do for us all. Truly grateful." 
reviews 6

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