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Here are some of the most honest client reviews 16 from their personal experiences with the program. It's not a doubt that the Clients on Automation program have a massive impact on those who choose to succeed. You can never be wrong with Ed J C Smith leading you the right way to win your goals.

"Ever since I started the COA with Ed J C Smith, I have revolutionized how I understand business. And I earned over £20,000!! And... I am just getting started. How amazing is that? That can be you too!! I couldn't be more excited and grateful for coming across this unique COA method that can take your business. So spend not another second thinking if it's right for you because it is. Give yourself the gift to take the easiest and fastest path towards where you want to be." -Veronica

We will be pleased if you continue to read other stories of our dear students. These are the most honest reviews (16) we took the time to compile for your reference.
"Hi Ed, thank you for yet another amazing session today. COA (Clients on Automation) rocks. You have simplified the entire process and made it simple, easy and so understandable. You're the most consistent source of light in my life and you keep us on track.
The program is amazeballs!! If you haven't joined this program... don't wait. I appreciate you and all your efforts. I deeply value the time we've spent together. And the progress you have helped me make in my life. I would not have had the courage or been so far along without you and the program.

Big love Sarisha."
Reviews 16
reviews 16
"Loving everything about COA!! COA has made it easy for me to get clients and build my business for so many reasons. I can't describe how incredible value this is. It has given me:

1. Support- the hand-holding means you can't get stuck, as COA always gives you a way out. And there's no problem it doesn't address.
2. Knowledge and skills- I get information, templates, and skills that someone successful has spent years and £1000ssss developing, and that work!! I love I am being fast-tracked and someone else has done blood, sweat, and tears. So I can just focus on building my business and I can from their mistakes safely.
3.Confidence- when I've doubted myself and fear has been holding me back. COA has given me the confidence to carry on and know that I don't need a Ph.D. to run online courses. It's about getting results for clients!

4. It's the fast way as opposed to just getting followers; thank goodness I found this! Not only do I love coaching people in my niche, but I can also actually be successful and make money doing it!

Eternal gratitude for this. "  -Vanessa
reviews 16

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