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Here are some of the most honest client reviews 14 from their personal experiences with the program. It's not a doubt that the Clients on Automation program have a massive impact on those who choose to succeed. You can never be wrong with Ed J C Smith leading you the right way to win your goals.

"Client on Automation (COA) has made it so easy for me to get clients because it is a complete and comprehensive program that held my hand step by step. I have never come across such a program that has made me feel like the coaching is very personal to me. It's simple to follow and indigestible bite-size chunks that can be worked through at your pace.

Edward J C Smith has thought of every tiny detail that we might need to set up a program. And generate clients with ease. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I could create a program like I am and all the credit goes to Ed, Dave Mutter and the amazing team at Champion Academy, and the COA itself.

Ed & Dave et al. are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at literally every and anything I (anyone) could ever need.... They are always diligent and responsive and I would say the most heart-centered focused team I've ever worked with.

Guys, you have helped me make a dream and something I've ruminated for a while become a reality, helping me to help others! This weekend's webinar was just what I needed to help push me toward my goals. I feel privileged to have gone through my program live. That was so incredible for my morale.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Look forward to the successes that are around the corner!." -Tash
We will be pleased if you continue to read other stories of our dear students. These are the most honest reviews (15) we took the time to compile for your reference.
reviews 15 (Clients on Automation)
reviews 15 (clients on automation)
reviews 15 (clients on automation(
"Hi, Edward J C Smith, thanks so much for all that you do and for COA. So grateful that you have created a one-stop shop that does everything. And answers all questions for an online seminar company. 
I loved the weekend, getting clarity on my webinar structure and all the tips and details you went into. I'm so excited to start work tomorrow, have that as my top focus and get my new webinar launched. Everything clicked into place and I'm raring to go! Love to both of you, thank you!." -Sarah

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