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Here are some of the most honest client reviews 11 from their personal experiences with the program. It's not a doubt that the Clients on Automation program have a massive impact on those who choose to succeed. Sure enough, you can never be wrong with Ed J C Smith leading you the right way to win your goals.

"Too difficult to pick 1: My journey with Ed, Dave, and Clients on Automation(COA) started when I signed up during Feb 2020 in UAE. As another birthday present to myself, when I first started UAE I did not know what business I want. I just knew I enjoyed helping people. On the third day, I had a small idea and by the end of Bootcamp, I had a full idea. And have been working towards this ever since. Joining the Champions Academy (CA) family with Ed and Dave has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. As it physically saved my life, the lockdown was tough and tensions running high with family members(some of who massively disagreed with my choice to join).

And I was ready to end all the misery and painful memories but as I turned over to get up and follow through with my plan. There on the floor was my black Champion Academy folder, which instantly reminded me of the project I started and my reasons for starting it.
The amount of support Ed and Dave give to everyone is outstanding 100% all the time. And the over delivery, as with Ed always says " I have your back". Even if they are not physically standing in the room with you, they are still with you.

It's also opened my eyes to all the possibilities out there. And that you don't have to be perfect to start. CA family has helped me realize I can take all those years of abuse and emotions. And turn it into something helpful and positive to make a difference in other people's lives.
The method of COA brings clarity and if we get stuck on something they are both always happy to answer our questions.
So, thank you,
EdwardDave and everyone else. I can't wait to see you all again in person."  -Shannan
Thus, we will be please if you continue to read other stories of our dear students. These are the most honest reviews (11) we took the time to compile for your reference.
Reviews 11 (Ed J C Smith)
Reviews 11 (Ed J C Smith)

" The best thing that I have gotten from working with Ed is that he has helps me pick myself up. From a hard place and turn my life around. Several difficult life situations had left me feeling broken. 

Also, I had lost any self-esteem I previously had. Ed helped me to gain the confidence that I need and take the minimal actions. To get back on track to create a functional business. Thus, the confidence and steps to help me put myself out there. A place that I dreamt of but didn't know how to do.

I now run my courses online I am
financially stable. I am set to be on track to have an even bigger financial year this year. And I get to help and empower others while making my dreams come true. Thank you, Ed, for your generous." -Sarah

Reviews 11 (Ed J C Smith)
reviews 11 (Ed J C Smith)

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