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If you want to live life on your terms, create a freedom lifestyle then this if for you. Positive powerful episodes to keep you on tack to make sure you do what you want to do four episodes every week giving you the fuel to set your life alight.

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How to start and grow your coaching/consultancy business without the hassle.
In this podcast hosted by Ed J C Smith, author, serial entrepreneur founder of Clients On Automation that solves the problem of scaling your coaching/consultancy business without the hassle.
How to get clients following into your business without the overwhelm.
Ed takes you through episodes that give you the quickest and easiest ways to grow your coaching/consultancy business in a very real and authentic style that allows you to apply every single day so that you can have the impact that you want doing what you love.


About the Podcaster

This is the exact step by step guide that Ed himself completed to get his online coaching program out into the market. So, you can replicate the same process, without doing content for free and doing loads of social media posting.

The result of the 3 simple step approach allowed Ed to win a "2 Comma Club" award from ClickFunnels. (A "2 Comma Club" award is given for generating over $1million in just one online funnel. Less than 1% of all ClickFunnels users ever achieve this award)

Ed started in the coaching industry from a place of wanting to help others, because someone special had helped him. 

He was in a dark space, he was failing in life. And 3 big fat E grades had officially declared him a school failure. On the day he went to throw himself in front of a train, at the very moment that he went to jump. Someone intervened and saved his life and gave him a second chance.

Ed owes his life to someone else who went out of their way to help him see another path. And from that moment on he made a promise that he still lives by every day. In which is to do the same for others, to make a difference. And to make real impact in people’s lives.

Today Ed has grown a hugely successful coaching and consulting business. And has impacted the lives of thousands of people using his 3 simple step approach.

This methodology is the start-to-finish solution to get clients flowing into your business on automation.

Following Ed’s methodology, you can replicate his success without the hassle, and have a successful online coaching business that serves you and your clients at the highest level.

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