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How To Stop Procrastinating | The 7 Fastest Ways

How would you stop procrastinating? In this video, I will give you some tips on how to face procrastination.

Just watch the video till the end. And learn about some business tips like how to create a brand identity and stages of how to learn quickly.


How to stop procrastinating tip No 1  – Start your task as early as possible.

Ideally in the morning. Ideally, as soon as you get up. Time management and procrastinating go hand in hand. The better you get at increasing your productivity by getting up early. And staying focused on what you need to get done. The more likely you will stop procrastinating. 

How to stop procrastinating tips No 2 – Stick to 50 minutes time intervals then have a rest.

The more you do this, the easier it will be to get a lot more done. The brain, like a muscle, needs to train to overcome procrastination.

How to stop procrastinating tips No 3 – Decrease your perfectionism score from 10 to 7 so you increase productivity and get more done.

This is a wick productivity hack. If you apply, it will help to stop procrastinating by getting you to focus on getting things to finish rather than trying to be perfect. 

How to stop procrastinating tips No 4 – Link the pleasure when you finish.

  A great productivity hack is to imagine before you start the task how good you will feel when you finish thus you feel good about starting your task. A really simple way to get things done is to always think about how great you will feel when you are more productive and improving yourself. 

How to stop procrastinating tips No 5 – Cut out all distractions.

 Turn your phone off if it is time. Self-improvement is all about knowing the best environment for yourself to stay focused. Ideally, focus on the task at hand until completion has occurred. 

How to stop procrastinating tips No 6 – Reward yourself when you have finished.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the reward is; the point is to make sure you feel even better after finishing the task. This will help you in the future to retrain this in your mind to be more productive. 

How to stop procrastinating tip No 7 – Use a countdown clock.

It’s proven that if you use a clock to count down your 50 minutes of productivity segments every day. You get used to being excited that you are getting closer to completion.

Live life on your terms means you can truly choose what you want to do when you want to do it. The first stage is that we need to get you to earn more money. Then we need to help you get it done. As you continue to grow, we need to expand your mind so you can think of more. 

Thank you for reading. See you in the next video. 

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