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How To Sell A Pen To Anyone | The Selling Techniques That Actually Work

How to sell a pen to anyone? How will you negotiate your products with others? In this session, I will give you some selling techniques that work.

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This video is about how to sell a pen to anyone. With these selling techniques, you’ll be able to sell not just a pen — but anything — to anyone. you’ll just need to know what your clients want. Listen to your market needs that are a basic rule in starting a business.

Create a brand creation that can catch attention and something can leave you a remarkable name. 

What makes you different from others? It can give as a big impact on an audience like your unique way of introducing your product.

The benefits of being productive for instance learn how to improve focus and achieve your goals can give you a big help since it can motivate you.

In The Wolf of Wall Street, when one of the characters demonstrates how to sell a pen, he mentions the principle of supply and demand. However, in this scenario, there’s already a level of trust involved between the characters. Here are a few selling techniques to help build trust with customers:

1. Lack of trust.

The first thing to understand is that sales are built on trust. Without a certain level of trust between the buyer and the seller, no transaction is going to be made. A lack of trust is one of the biggest problems that people run into when trying to sell. Trust is crucial because it’s the foundation for any agreement.

2. You have to buy it first.

It’s important to buy into whatever you’re selling before you expect others to buy it. If you don’t believe in your product or service, if you haven’t fully embraced the thing that you’re selling, you shouldn’t be selling it. You need to have achieved a result first.

3. You must have a result. 

4. Prove that it can get results from others.

5. Fully understands their intentions.

6. Law of contrast.

7. The law of scarcity.

8. Close with a double bind.

You also need to understand the objections of the customer. Often, this comes down to time, money, or beliefs. All of these objections can be address if you’re familiar with them. Money, for example, can be address by proving that the value the customer will receive will be more than the investment they make. 

Learning how to sell a pen to anyone involves more than just supply and demand. Effective selling techniques are meant to build trust between you and the customer so that no matter the product or service, you’ll be able to make the sale.

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