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How to get over the past in less than 60 sec.? Having a problem with getting rid of your past?

You can get over the past as you get over your mistakes and success through failure. And surround yourself with dreamers to win.

Finding some solutions on how to forget your past like mistakes on starting a business. Or getting some confidence. Or tips on doing some business like focusing your goals then you are in the right place.

If you were ready just watch the video till the end and let me know which effective it the most and share what you learn. Enjoy!

Quick steps on how to get over the past.:

1. Allow time to heal and express how you feel.

  All events need an appropriate time to mourn the loss. Where it’s getting over a partner or a loss of some sort. During this time it’s vital to not trap any emotions. Allow your emotions to express yourself. And allow yourself to talk openly about how you feel with friends who are close to you. If you don’t, then it will only build up inside of you. However, if it’s 3 years after you have been dumped then it’s time to move on. And I would say that is not appropriate because you are mission out again on the present.

2.Focus on what you can do better.

Knowing what you know now, allows you to be present to improve challenges in your life. To make wrongs right, to live in that person’s memory. I appreciate that you may be reading this with different reasons that you are looking to get over the past. However, more often than not most points in the same direction. For example, focus on improving whatever area you can

3. Live each day with a positive experience from your past.

A lesson that you could take from your past that has allowed you to become a stronger person. What would that be for you? If you use the past as a lot of entrepreneurs do today to fuel their success. Where would you be in 3 years? 

4. Focus on enjoying the present moment and be grateful for all you have at that moment.

If you can truly be grateful for the present moment you will move forward more effectively and will ultimately be happier and more fulfilled.

5. Enjoy what the future brings, if you do more and take more action moving forward it will contrast your past.

If you stay focused on the past and what didn’t go right rather than enjoying the present moment and creating more potential in your future. Then again you will only regress. Make all your decisions in your life with progression in your mind never regression.


-Big love Ed 

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