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How do find your passion in life? Other people could hardly define what could be their passion in life.  

Well, passion in life for a lot of people creates a lot of anxiety, happiness, confidence, and build relationships with what you were good at.

How do I know I am on the right path? What is my passion? What is my purpose in life?

These are deep questions that again many today are struggling with. 

I think today, more than ever questioning what your purpose is and finding your passion is a healthy pursuit. Then to question yourself what is your passion, to wake up 10 years down the line? Like stuck not doing what you want to do. 

The key is exploring your options and building your references and experiences in life. As a general philosophy for life, passion is training. Just like any other human emotion. You become more passionate about things as you become clearer about what you like. Or contrasted against what you do not like.

Thus, if you are not to test different experiences and opportunities then hoping your passion will not fail. Then you are playing a very dangerous game. That is keeping you small and the likelihood of you finding your passion then living your passion is very small. 

Do not get stuck in the first-world problem through over-analyzing what your passion could be. In today’s world, so many get stuck asking over and over again, “How can I find my passion in life?”, when they can’t appreciate all the options in life that are already in front of them.

There are so many things to enjoy and love today. It is a matter of spending time increasing your experiences and appreciating the beauty of truly getting better. Something well progressing forward in life. 

When I have had an opportunity to spend time with young people. Like helping them to steer themselves on the right path. I do find the question of “how do I find my passion in life” coming up more all the time.

I guess because we live in a world where people have become used to getting instant gratification from the things they do. We expect our phones to get an immediate signal, we expect movies to play instantly, no longer do we have to wait for anything anymore. 

Finding your passion does take time. The more you expand and deepen your skill in something that you initially were interested in, the more enjoyment you can take from it as you explore truly becoming a master of the art that you practice.

They say it takes around 10,000 hours to become an expert at a skill. What I can tell you, the more time you spend doing anything the more ability you develop to distinguish fine-tune the details around the craft. One of my favorite passions is to spend time appreciating someone that is masterfully in a particular area.

It might be watching theatre, live music, artists, dancers, comedians. What you notice over a while, is that you can see those that are passionate about what they do and have put the hours in to master their skill. 

Here are some very simple practical ways to help you to answer how to find your passion the point is to spark off thoughts that will help you

  1. What did you do dream about when you were younger? 

  2. If you were to be a superhero, which one would you choose? 

  3. Hobbies do you have now or used to have when you were younger? 

  4. Did you do when you were younger and time would fly by?

  5. What do you do now for work? 

  6. Do people come to you for advice? 

  7. If money was not a problem what would you want to do? 

Answer these questions and see if you can find a common link between all of them. Maybe you are doing exactly what you want to do. Either way please comment below and let me know if this has helped you. 

Good luck on your journey. Thank you for reading, “How do you find your passion in life”. I hope that this has helped you. 

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