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  The Beginnings: About Ed J C Smith Story

With this, I'm going to actually take you through my story about Ed J C Smith from the beginning. How I found my Clients On Automation method so you can understand it. So you can apply it to get your  clients.

If we haven’t met before, my name is Ed J C Smith and. All I have ever done, all my life, is coach people.

Unlike most people online who get into the online game just to make money. My life was transformed by coaching.

I am not a high achiever and failed badly at school.

It wasn’t because I wasn’t putting the effort in or because I was lazy, but it just didn’t seem to really work. My brain just didn’t seem to work like everyone else’s.

I was slower, I thought differently and exams just didn’t seem to go well. There were 3 E’s in my school results officially puts me as a school failure.

3 Es School Grade

Growing up I had a toxic relationship with my dad.

He was the exact opposite of me, and he had a very fixed view of life. And what I should do with mine.

One day we had a huge argument, and I ran out of the house.

I found my way to a railway station where I stood on the edge of the platform. Prepared to jump in front of the next train going through at high speed.

At the moment I was about to jump in front of the train, two hands on my shoulders ripped me back to safety. It gave me a second chance at life and that day I made a promise that I still keep today.

That turning point changed the entire course and direction of my life. Someone coached me back to life who didn’t even know what they did for me. Believed in life and that simple moment can alter the entire path of your life.

I am sure that sometimes that you too can recall when it all transformed for you.

Looking forward to that, by reading this, it may open your mind and somehow that will transform you in a way. I came back to life by someone else too. So, this is where my coaching journey started, and it addicted me to help other people.

My coaching business made a real difference in the world. And it it because it gave me a second chance in life.

Someone saved my life, and in return, I committed my life to service.

Not sure if most people online can genuinely say they started because they truly care about making difference.

I care about making a difference and I hope that's going to be transparent as you read this.

Starting As A 1-2-1 Coach

About Ed JC Smith

The first worked I had was in the health niche after becoming passionate about health and training in the gym.

I got a job as a cleaner in a gym so that I could get a free membership. Started just helping people with what I knew for free.

Slowly but surely, I upgraded my skills and master them. I could  deliver the best results to all my clients.

People started asking me if I could help them and so I taking more clients. My first niche was helping people with bad backs.

I loved this niche, and then as I honed it, I expanded into helping every woman lose weight.

Then moved to help men with depression.

And as I go  further, I moved into relationships, helping couples bring the spark back.

My Uncomfortable Move Into Group Coaching

More about Ed J C Smith, like most coaches and consultants, doing a lot of one on one and I loved it.

I loved making a difference and helping people.

I got the desired result for my clients and so as helping people. When I was making an okay amount, but it wasn't at the level I knew it could be.

The problem was, no matter how much effort I put in. It completely limited it by the number of hours in the day and just how much I could charge.

I was in a loop in doing the “same” every single day. And I wanted to make a difference to many people. But I just couldn't scale because I had no more time left in the day.

However, I wanted more.

To gain more purpose.

And give more impact on people's lives without draining all my time.

I missed the most important moments, slogging away, trying to grow my business. And repeating the same cycles.

Then, I remember someone saying that the only way to scale a coaching business was to do from one to many. Focus on group coaching.

I thought “You know what, that's a good idea.”
However, the problem is that I remember watching this guy that was all nervous presenting in front of people. Holding notes and pretending to be cool. But he was a nervous wreck.

That guy has no hope of presenting one-to-many if he needs notes to read from.

He can barely string a sentence together.

Even looked like a total nervous wreck.

And if you didn't guess it, that's right… that guy was me.

I was awful in front of groups.

I did not grow up being some confident, outgoing person.

Shy, quiet, reserved. People described me as a simple person.

My first presentations were horrible experiences.

I was so nervous, and I had to hold notes and read the lines. My hands are shaking every step of the way.

It is indeed awful.

If you don't believe me, here’s a video of one of the first times I was actually on camera. You will see how nervous I was and how much I'm trembling and it's just never going to work.

However, as awful as I knew I was. It's something I knew I had to conquer if I want to scale my message.

So, faced my fears head-on, because I owed it to the mission.

More About Ed J C Smith: His First Live Events

I watched a couple of presentations, took some notes, and went about planning my first presentation.

This was the first presentation I put on, “How To Make Changes In Your Life In The Fastest Time Period”.

I hustled a lot of my friends to come and I got a load of people in a room. And this was my first attempt on one too many.

This is actually a screenshot from my Instagram, and you can follow the timeline of this on my Instagram in 2014.

About Ed JC Smith

You can also follow the timeline of this on my Facebook page, so you know that this is 100% legit.

I'd seen those elaborate sales pitches at the end of those presentations by people offering their programs. So I thought, you know what… I'll just do all that.

I remember thinking that if just five people bought the program. Then I'll make 10K, and that would be amazing.

I did the pitch,  followed the process, and stacked it all up. Guess what? No one bought it.

I went home that night. And I cried while I ate bowls of cereal, vowing that I'll never do it again.

The following day, I picked myself and committed to trying again.

This time, I trained and practiced hard.

It was going to be different.
And I was ready.
I did the pitch… One person bought.

Sadly, it's my brother's friend who then asked for a refund a couple of days later.

Again, I went home, wallowed in self-doubt.
I thought to myself, “I have to get better at this cos right now I suck.”

How was I going to do it though?

Started shouting my message from every social media channel possible. Doing what I thought would get me more clients.
I noticed that the more I put my message out there,  people started laughing at me.

“Who are you to teach?”
“You're not qualified to help others.”
“You have no clients, no results, nothing.”
“Who are you?”

I started massively doubting myself.

Then things got worse - a lot worse.

One of my best friends that I grew up with, someone I had known my whole life. His dad was my dad's best friend. I heard that he'd been saying cruel things behind my back. Words I would never want to repeat.

I became a joke.
And my closest friends were laughing at me.
This was the first time I'd ever really had someone to hate down on me.

You kind of think it's going to be from someone you don't know. And not from one of your oldest best friends you grew up with.

I felt like a joke.
Even questioned the whole idea.
Maybe they were right.
I am big a joke.

Who was I to help someone else when I could barely help myself?
I got emotional and got upset.

Why You Must Keep Going

Without the ability to give back, I just felt there was no real purpose in my life.
There was no higher meaning.

I remember the only reason I started this in the first place…

Didn't want to be famous on social media neither want to have people hating me. I only wanted to help people, nothing more, nothing less.

Then, I look back on that one promise I made to the person who owed my second life. A beautiful soul who transformed my life without ever really knowing it.

It was a simple promise to never give up on your dreams.

A pieced of me came back together.

“I'll give it one more chance,” I thought.

One more chance, but I can't leave it down to hope or guesswork anymore.

I have to know if it is going to work.

Making It Work

It is all about Ed J C Smith worked harder. Day and night, that became my mission.

And I studied…

How to Validate An Offer.

To Get People To Turn Up.

On How To Structure Value.

And also How To Get People To Purchase.

I became obsessed.
The old way was just not working for me.

Too complicated and too hard to follow.

I couldn’t do all the work upfront to create something that I wasn't sure if anyone would buy.
That looked like a crazy idea.

All these things that I'd have to do to launch my program, to get it ready. It was just like this will never happen.

Thus, I need a shortcut.

A faster way.

I do not have years to figure all of this out.

Didn't have an email list. So, don't have a brand or an online presence or have any followers.

I had to find a better way so that I knew that I'd be able to sell it. And so that the clients would get amazing results. So, I need to find a way that could bypass the slow way of building it all beforehand.

A simple straight-line approach to speed up the entire process.

Knowing it from the start, I must get my target market to a purchase decision. So I’ll start there.

I need to go straight to the purchase decision and design the program with them in real-time.

I sold the idea of the program before creating all the content.

My First Beta Program

I got a really small beta group together to test the idea of the program and to take them through it.

My beta group consisted of my best friend, his sister, a girl from the gym, and a friend.

The Clients On Automation Methodology

The heart of this method is in the client.

I put the client first: the client’s results, fulfilling what they want, and creating it with them.

Taught it to them live in real-time.

Answered all their questions fully.

I made sure I fully understood their thinking, and I made sure they got all their answers.

Broke down everything I taught and split it into modules in rapid time.

Had an outstanding program that my clients had vetted, so I knew it worked.

If they did not understand what I taught, I stayed as long as they needed until they got it.

By the end, my belief went through the roof.

Now I knew my program worked. I knew their objections. And I understood how to sell it, so this time, I knew it'd be different.

Then collected a testimonial from each of my beta clients so I could tell other people about how they found the program.

I was easily now able to sell it because I knew how to answer their objections. All the reasons that they would have for not buying.

No need to wait around and I could make money in days without all the guesswork.

Launching My First Program

I started promotion for the next program launch. Planned the biggest presentation I had ever done to sell my new program, which I had just created.

This time I was so excited because I knew it would work.

So I did everything I knew at the time to get as many people there.

And turned out to be different.

The presentation will be great.

And, they surely love it.

However, I was so excited about explaining my program. That I had lost track of time and completely forgotten about the pitch.

As I was coming, I suddenly saw my best friend who was helping me out, rushing up to me. All panic-stricken across his face.

"Dude," he says to me, "You've got no time left. You've completely forgotten about the pitch."
I couldn't believe it, but I couldn't let this go.

Rushed an overly enthusiastic pitch, forgetting everything I had planned and hoped for the best.

I didn't sell one person onto my program.

Instead I sold seven people onto my first ever program. I made 14K and my first program was officially fully launched.

Went home a different man that night. It was my first ever coaching program.

Using The Methodology To Take It Global

As time went on, the numbers grew.

More importantly, I learned what works, and what doesn't work.

I continued to refine using the Clients On Automation method with every program I ran. And my programs became better and better.

It wasn't me it's the method that made it happen.

Program after program, I kept refining the process, and it got better every step of the way.

In every training session, I refined the method. I noticed what other people were doing in the market. Tested what they were doing to validate its effectiveness.

If it was good, I would add it to my method. I then, subtract it.

I tried it out in different countries. First, in Europe, and then further to a places like Kenya.

Wherever I went, the same result occurred because I focused it around the client and getting the client results.

Started noticing people flooding into the market offering terrible advice.

I chose to kept quite.

Rather, focused on growing my programs consistently and serving my clients.

As the method got better every single day, the results became huge.

Clients were getting the best results. And so, I was making more impact and more income.

As I scaled, so did my earnings, and I just couldn't believe it.

I was helping people. Has made an impact at the same time doing what I am most passionate about Ed J C Smith. I've earned more than I'd ever seen in my life. Even to a stage where we broke over 194,000 in just one month.

Each time I refined the method so that it kept on getting better.

The Clients On Automation method was like a laser cutting through metal.

I was scaling past people that had been in the industry for years and years.

What most would take a lifetime to achieve, I've reached it in a short period without all the hassle.

It became glaringly obvious to me. Many people were telling to do things that didn't work.

Many of them were following influencers that gives terrible advice.

I launched a high-end Mastermind and took a very select group through my Clients On Automation method.

It sold out and they all paid 20,000 to join.

About Ed JC Smith
I turned all my programs into online programs so that I could scale with no limitation.
As my message started to get out there more. I started getting invited to speak alongside people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Deiss, Lord Sugar, and Grant Cardone.
Garyvee and Ed JC Smith

Because the method started getting better and better. I started rubbing shoulders with Olympic athletes like Sir Mo Farah, Niall Horan from One Direction. Flown out to meet Joel Osteen the American pastor.

As the method started growing, it started expanding my business beyond all measure.

From having three failed grades at school, I then released a book. I did a huge launch and had a bunch of people turn up. It ended up being an Amazon number one seller, all that from a person that couldn't get any grades at school.

And it wasn't about Ed J C Smith, it was because of the method.

My online programs continue to make a massive difference to many people and transform people's lives.

I ended up being flown out to meet Russell Brunson, because my online program scaled so much. And It turns out to be winning not just one, but two. Two Comma Club Awards for doing over two million with just one online funnel.

If you're familiar with the company called Click Funnels. They give awards to anyone that's done over a couple of million online.

Our earnings continue to expand beyond the seven figures because our business is online.

The Clients On Automation method alone, took me from a place of having a couple of clients to having thousands of clients…

...from a post in 2015 of me in a tiny room saying, “Tony Robbins, I'm coming for you,”… a place where I'm actually in the same line up as Tony Robbins...

How You Can Use
The Clients On Automation
Method Too

There is nothing special about Ed J C Smith. It's got nothing to do with who I am as a person.
It is the proven method that I used.

This system is what I can share with you.

I changed the lives of tens of thousands of people.

It even affected my dad, who said he was proud of me (behind my back).

Sometimes in life, we need our parents to say that we did a good job.

I’ve been able to take my family on amazing holidays all around the world. And I’ve travelled to places that most people take a lifetime to see.

So being able to do these things, bought some cool things along the way. But the Clients On Automation method has transformed the lives of thousands. Thousands of people and build a legacy.

I've been able to run an exclusive retreat in Bali.

About Ed J C Smith| Training in Bali
About Ed J C Smith| Training in Bali
About Ed JC Smith | Training in Bali

The Future

Today, my programs have been able to create hundreds of testimonials from people getting amazing results. Using the same method, making a difference, and making an impact across the world. They’re people that are serious and want to take their life and their business to a whole different level.

So the question is,
“Ed, how can I do what you did?”

Now it's time for the
Clients On Automation methods to transform your life.

I've shown you what the Clients On Automation method can do. And how I found it.

Let's tap into how you can do this for yourself.

If you want my support, and you want someone to guide you. And you want to go through my process, then book a call with my team. We will help you get clear on your next steps.

As always,
no matter what happens,
never give up on your dreams!
About Ed J C Smith