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In this blog, Ed will help you live life on your terms. Start and grow your own coaching business and manage it anywhere in the world!

Check out my blog and get support, free business advice, and proven processes. Let me help you get clear on your next step towards your life goals.

Starting your own coaching business can be difficult. Where to start? Will it work? If you’re someone who wants more from life and gain freedom, this podcast is for you.

In this podcast hosted by Ed J C Smith, Ed will guide you. The  real and raw authentic way on the best path so you can live life on your own terms.

Introducing the Author

This is the exact step by step guide that Ed himself completed to get his online coaching business program out into the market.

You can replicate the same process, without doing content for free and doing loads of social media posting.

The result of the 3 simple step approach allowed ed to win a "2 Comma Club" award from ClickFunnels. (A "2 Comma Club" award is given for generating over $1million in just one online funnel. Less than 1% of all ClickFunnels users ever achieve this award)

In addition, Ed started in the coaching industry from a place of wanting to help others, because someone special had helped him.

He was in a dark space, he was failing in life, and 3 big fat E grades had officially declared him a school failure.

On the day he went to throw himself in front of a train, at the very moment that he went to jump. Someone intervened and saved his life and gave him a second chance.

Ed owes his life to someone else who went out of their way to help him see another path. Moreover, that moment on he made a promise. He lives by every day,  to make a difference and to have real impact in people’s lives.

Also, Ed has grown a hugely successful consulting and coaching business. He has impacted the lives of thousands of people using his 3 simple step approach.

This methodology is the start-to-finish solution to get clients flowing into your business on automation.

Following Ed’s methodology, you can replicate his success without the hassle. You have a successful online coaching business that serves you and your clients at the highest level.


This is the exact process that Ed J C Smith used that allowed him to release his online coaching program...

Coaching business success

The Fastest Way To Get Clients & Grow Your Coaching Business Online Without Being Overwhelmed


This is the quickest way to grow your coaching business online without all the hassle whether it will work. or not. This is the exact process that I used that allowed me to build my coaching business online. 

 I could be completely set free from the old ways that were time draining and inefficient.

Every single action that you need to apply to build your coaching business online so that you can get clients on automation. Also, is broken down so all you have to do is read and implement the steps as you go along.

Following these steps means you don't have to worry if it will work for you. The truth is, more than likely whatever you are doing now is not working for you the way you hoped it would.

 So if you are stuck right now wishing that your coaching business had a clearer path to make it successful, then this is for you.

If you are stuck thinking that there must be an easier way to get clients into your coaching business. Even  without having to burn yourself out posting all day with no-one actually jumping into your program. Then this is for you.

The Step By Step Guide To A 100k A Month Coaching Business is going to be your quickest route to finally growing your coaching business online.

Without having to go through all the self doubt or overwhelm that most coaches get stuck in...